EST. 1912


Early history 1704 – 1912

In 1704 emperor Leopold der 1. ordered to build a defensive wall to protect the fast growing viennese suburbs against invading Turks and Kuruc.All Viennese between the age of 18 and 60 had to work on it or to provide someone else instead.So after 4 months an earth embankment 14 km long and 4 m high reinforced by stockades and a moat 3 m deep off the embankment was ready.

At all important arterial roads, large gates with customs houses had been established, customs duties and taxes have been collected ardiously.At the Mariahilfer Line too, where 200 years later Hotel Fürstenhof was founded.This earth embankment never really served as means of defence against foreign invaders.Only just during the revolution 1848 there occured some hostilities between revolutionary citizens and imperial troops coming from outside the city.

In 1858 quite close off the embankment the Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station was openend and a new street was planned : the Gürtel , that was opened 1873.When in 1890 the suburbs outside the embankment have been incorparated into the city of Vienna, the customers purpose of the embankment became definitely outdated and in 1894 the final demolition of the embankment started.

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